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Statement of Work for CallAiDoctor and AWS Dev Partner Innovative Solutions

Project: Migration and Development of CallAiDoctor Application from Twilio to AWS

Project Overview:
We are seeking a team of developers and cloud specialists to migrate the CallAiDoctor application from Twilio to AWS infrastructure. CallAiDoctor is an AI-powered medical chatbot designed for phone conversations via STT and TTS. The current application leverages various Twilio services, including Text-to-Speech (TTS), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call recording, and transcripts. The objective of this project is to migrate the application to AWS, utilizing AWS services to replace Twilio functionalities and enhance the overall performance and scalability.

Scope of Work: a. Migration and Deployment:

  • Migrate the CallAiDoctor application from Twilio to AWS infrastructure, ensuring seamless functionality and compatibility with AWS services.
  • Set up the necessary AWS services, such as EC2 instances, Lambda functions, and databases, to support the application’s functionality.
  • Develop deployment pipelines using AWS DevOps tools to facilitate smooth and efficient deployments.

b. Code Refactoring and Recoding:

  • Refactor and recode the existing application codebase to align with AWS services and best practices.
  • Ensure proper integration of AWS SDKs and APIs into the codebase for seamless communication with AWS services.

c. Text-to-Speech (TTS):

  • Evaluate and select an appropriate TTS solution from AWS offerings to replace Twilio’s TTS functionality.
  • Integrate the chosen TTS solution into the application to convert text responses into spoken audio.

d. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR):

  • Identify a suitable ASR solution from AWS services, such as Amazon Transcribe, to replace Twilio’s ASR functionality. Note that we have a modified version of Whisper on AWS currently, however it is not in use but ready to integrate with this API. This will also have transcriptions saved to our database for individual users and the Master Admin. 
  • Integrate the chosen ASR solution to enable proper communication to Open Ai and to create accurate transcription of phone conversations.

e. Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

  • Design and implement an IVR system using AWS services, such as Amazon Connect or Amazon Lex, to provide interactive and customized voice menus.
  • Configure the IVR system to handle user input and direct calls to appropriate functionalities within the application.

f. Call Recording and Transcripts:

  • Implement call recording functionality using AWS services, such as Amazon S3, to securely store call recordings.
  • Utilize AWS Transcribe for automatic transcription of call recordings and store the transcripts in an AWS database.

g. User Interface and Editing:

  • Develop a user interface on AWS that allows users to edit and deploy the application code.
  • Create a seamless editing and deployment process within the AWS environment for efficient code management.

h. System Monitoring and Analytics:

  • Implement monitoring and logging solutions, such as Amazon CloudWatch, to track system performance and identify potential issues.
  • Integrate analytics tools, such as Amazon QuickSight, to gain insights from user interactions and application usage data.

a. Fully migrated and functional CallAiDoctor application on AWS infrastructure. b. Refactored and recoded codebase compatible with AWS services and best practices.
c. Integration of AWS TTS solution for audio responses.
d. Integration of AWS ASR solution for accurate transcription of phone conversations.
e. Implementation of AWS IVR system for interactive voice menus.
f. Secure call recording and storage using AWS services.
g. Integration of AWS Transcribe for automatic transcription and storage of call transcripts.
h. User interface on AWS for code editing and deployment.
i. Monitoring and logging solution for system performance monitoring.
j. Analytics integration for capturing and analyzing user interaction and application usage data.

The project is expected to be completed within [estimated timeframe]. A detailed project plan will be created in collaboration with the team, outlining specific milestones, tasks, and deadlines.

Project Management:
The team will work closely with the assigned AWS Solutions Architect and account managers to ensure a successful migration and development process. Regular meetings, progress updates, and collaboration will be conducted to meet project goals and ensure customer satisfaction.

Regarding any user interface aspects of the project, CallAiDoctor can provide design and UI/UX for the few aspects that require this such as user dashboard, master admin. These mainly comprise of duplication and creation of chatbots integrated with various phone numbers with the ability to edit welcome message, fine tuning and embeddings that make the chatbots unique and personalized to the individual users.

Note: The Statement of Work is subject to further discussion, refinement, and agreement between the parties involved.